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Our oceans are the least-explored region of our planet. Protection and sustainable development of ocean resources presents formidable challenges. Robots will play an increasingly key role in the near future and this role will expand and become more challenging as we extend into deeper, remote and hostile marine environments.

The exploration and monitoring of the world’s oceans is expensive and poses many safety challenges to those who undertake such missions. In recent years, robotics has steadily emerged as a key enabling technology for the execution of increasingly complex and challenging missions at sea. Intensive research and development in this field have led to major advances and shown unequivocally the effectiveness and reliability of marine robotics solutions in several domains. At the root of this trend is the fruitful dialogue between robotic systems developers and end-users with the capacity to convert general mission objectives into functional and technical specifications that serve as application-driven requirements for engineering development. The result is the tremendous progress observed in the consolidated methodologies and procedures adopted and the consequent impact on science, industry, and the society at large.

Marine robotics encompasses an extremely wide range of topics that are usually defined as application domains. In each domain, unmanned marine systems play a key-role in the achievement of specific challenging scientific, commercial, and societal goals. The latter can only be met through committed research and development work leading to cutting-edge methodologies and technologies that are steadily affording marine robots the capability to address increasing complex problems.

The Marine Robotics Center (MRC) is a pioneer and is leading the marine robotics research in Cyprus. In addition to that, the Center offers to the local industry, and not only, services for surveying, inspection, search and rescue, environmental, and many more. The demand for these services is already high and will only get higher as the oil/gas industry grows in the area around Cyprus.

A.R.G.O.S. Project 

National Winner - Microsoft Imagine Cup '16
A.R.G.O.S. is an innovative framework composed of:
- an autonomous drone for guarding a particular area via object detection using machine learning,
- a cloud based infrastructure with face and emotion detection,
- an autonomous vessel for the rescue mission and
- a windows application for real-time tracking and monitoring the missions.


MRC has the infrastructure for a full-range of surface and sub-surface marine robotic research and services. MRC offers the following services:

  • Marine Robotics research and prototyping,
  • Marine environmental research and prototyping,
  • Water sampling,
  • Sea/Ocean studying,
  • Marine surveying.
  • Develop new custom-made systems for the marine environment for specific applications.
  • Services to the local industry such as shipping and other related fields.
  • Training/educational.
  • Society (provide immediate response in support of respective authorities to the benefit of Shipping; Aquaculture; Offshore developments; but also, Maritime Tourism)
  • Technology (engaging almost all matured and emerging technologies at various levels of readiness)

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Marine Robotics Center (MRC)
Frederick University
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3080 Lemesos, Cyprus

T: +357 25730975

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